2017 Northern Ale Guide

Design Announcement

Northern Ale Guide Customers,

Thank you to all of you who purchased the Northern Ale Guide this year and are now enjoying all the great craft beer available. Over the past couple months the team has been continuously making improvements to our distribution system including more regular shipments with tracking and planning for the 2018 Northern Ale Guide. We have received a couple inquiries about the 2017 guide and it's table of contents which we would like to address.

This year's Northern Ale Guide has Montgomery Brewery listed in the table of contents but should read Mankato brewery. All Guide holders should refer to the individual brewery pages for official offers. The table of contents should be used as a reference to the pages in the guide. We are making changes to the guide for the next round of printing. We extend our apologies and hope you enjoy your year of free beer and exploration. All questions should be sent to Cheers@northernaleguide.com

Thank you!