Be a PArt of the 2019 Northern Ale Guide - MN Edition

Thanks for your interest in participating in the 2019 Northern Ale Guide! Since 2015, our mission has been to connect beer-drinker to the sources of their favorite (and new favorite) local brews. Whether this is your first time participating, or your fourth, we are excited for you to join us. It's simple, you honor a BOGO on pints in 2019 and we push customers your way. 


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Craft Your Community (CYC) - Harvesting the passion of midwest craft brewing to improve the community around us. 2017 the CYC platform was able to partner with six Twin Cities breweries to produce more than $85,000 in material resources which supported our community. CYC has partnered with Matter ( , a local non profit with unique solutions to increasing the health of many around the world. CYC and Matter are of the shared belief that all people Matter and that by creating an ecosystem of inspiring ideas within the agricultural and craft beer industries, there are endless possibilities to the number of ways we can better craft our communities. As a brewery partner you would be asked to offer a one time BOGO on growlers in addition to the BOGO pints. With your support, Northern Ale Guide will donate $1 for every guide sold to crafting the community around us. The end goal is to produce a collective of events, products and beers which generate beneficial resources with little to no cost to the breweries. We would love to tell you more so just say yes! It will be awesome!
As a brewery participating in the 2019 Northern Ale Guide, you agree to a standard feature placement (one 3.5''x5.5'' page) and a buy one get one free offer to all Northern Ale Guide users starting January 1st, 2019 and terminating December 31st, 2019. Your brewery will receive one page of space, free of charge, in the 2019 Northern Ale Guide. Your brewery will offer a one time buy one get one free deal to users of the guide valid through December 31, 2019. Northern Ale Guide has the right to use your brewery's name, information, and likeness in the guide and marketing materials. Your brewery will provide all required information for the guide to Northern Ale Guide before August 1st unless otherwise noted. Breweries who do not provide information before the stated deadline will be subject to the utilization of information found from the brewery website, social media or publications. Your brewery will submit an original, high quality vector image of their logo to By selecting yes below, I acknowledge that I am authorized to enter into this agreement on behalf of said brewery and agree to the above terms.

What breweries are saying about the Northern Ale Guide:

We’ve most enjoyed the wide variety of new beer enthusiasts it’s brought to our taproom.
— Burning Brothers Brewing
We’ve enjoyed connecting with beer fans from around the state on a more personal level
— Bent Paddle Brewing
It gives customers a reason to travel a little farther to come to LTS.
— LTS Brewing Company