Be a PArt of the 2020 Northern Ale Guide - MN Edition

We are now accepting applications for the 2020 MN Edition of the Northern Ale Guide. Space is very limited.

Since 2015, our mission has been to connect beer-drinker to the sources of their favorite (and new favorite) local brews. Whether this is your first time participating, or your fifth, we are excited for you to join us. It's simple, you honor a BOGO on pints in 2020 and we push customers your way. We will provide stamps and any necessary documentation to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you have questions, please email

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Taproom Address
Give any information (200 words or less) that you would like Northern Ale Guide users to know about your brewery! This is your time to shine. Be funny, witty, weird, we don't care just make people love you!
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What breweries are saying about the Northern Ale Guide:

We’ve most enjoyed the wide variety of new beer enthusiasts it’s brought to our taproom.
— Burning Brothers Brewing
We’ve enjoyed connecting with beer fans from around the state on a more personal level
— Bent Paddle Brewing
It gives customers a reason to travel a little farther to come to LTS.
— LTS Brewing Company