5 Reasons You Won't Want To Miss The 2017 Tipsy Timberer Brewery Crawl

If you haven’t heard yet, the 2017 Tipsy Timberer is coming to town July 22. The first event of its kind - participating lumberjacks and lumberjills from all over will have the opportunity to experience the magic of Minneapolis taprooms while crawling (and taking free event buses) for craft beer. If that isn’t enough of a reason to attend, check out these 5 more:

  1. The Beer - Of course. A number of top taprooms in the area will be pouring their best brews. If your favorite beer isn’t at one of these breweries, your new favorite very well might be.  Did we mention at least three beers are free and buses will be providing free event transportation between beer stops?

  2. The People Watching - As far as we know, there is no larger gathering of beer-drinking lumberjacks in the world. Where else do you expect to see so many beards, flannels, and bad puns about lumberjacks? So put on your favorite flannel and join the party.

  3. SWAG - Not into flannels? No problem! All participants receive a free event-themed t-shirt when you check-in. Not good enough? You also get at least 3 free beers, an event passport to collect stamps in along the route, souvenir plastic cups (with beer in them), and opportunities to get even more cool stuff.

  4. Get to Know the Community - In addition to all your friends and neighbors attending, lots of local community partners and vendors will be hanging out during the event. Learn about new opportunities to get involved around the area by chatting about arts and crafts, fitness, food and drink, events, and more.

  5. Memories that will last a lifetime - To us, this is what taprooms are all about. The little things like the time we spend with our friends having a beer and enjoying a simple board game. Well, this is one of those (big) little things you’ll look back on fondly like when Jimmy spills beer on his flannel and has to walk around with a wet mark on his pants the rest of the day.  

To learn even more about the event and get tickets, check out https://tipsytimberer.com/